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X-Box Live game. Multiplayer. Futuristic FPS team shooter? 

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X-Box Live game. Multiplayer. Futuristic FPS team shooter. You would spawn by 'Air-dropping' into the battle. The main play scenery was a western scene with bluffs and sand and mountains. There was a main centralized outpost that your team would try and take control of? oh, and when you dropped into the game you could control your descent - like if you wanted to drop closer to the enemy, or how fast and how far you fell. kinda like a Halo style fight, many different weapons. I played it for many hours. This was many years ago. mid 2000's? Anybody have an idea? It was really fun and addictive. Email me @ stirgy@mail.com. 

Asked in Xbox - 455 days ago

Tags: X-Box Live game. Multiplayer. Futuristic FPS team shooter 

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