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Okay, I have a full memory of this game and how it worked; though it's title comes far away from being remembered. What I remember was that there were a selection of robots you could pick from. One of them had a sword as his main weapon and had great agility skills, one had a huge cannon on it and could make a bridge as it walked across cliffs (very useful, as it could not really jump in anyway whatsoever). One of them was a ball-like thing; can't remember what the fourth one was.

Player 1 had a red robot well Player 2 had a blue one as it was a battle of versus (I think there was a campaign mode though). At any given point, though usually if your robot was about to die, you could exit the robot (as a human) and look for another one to control. You can also exit your robot in order to enter small tunnels that your robot could not go through at all that were human-sized and find another robot that is somewhere on the other side. If you're out of a robot, your opponent has a very high advantage to kill you. Though I think your guy has a tiny gun on him to like break obstacles if necessary.

That is all I remember about the game. I know for sure it was for Super Nintendo because I played it a lot when I was younger with my friends. I sadly cannot remember what it was called; though I remember it being an incredibly addicting game when simply playing it with a friend. I hope one of you can help me out here.

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