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I remember playing this in 2001: 

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It was a platformer; very cartoony (i want to say like super mario bros graphics, but a lot lot better?) i remember one of the levels (unless it was like this through the whole game?) had windmills (at least as a back drop) i can't remember much more except for... the character your played i THINK was mostly black (mickey mouse kind of black?), you were trying to rescue your *girlfriend*?... i also THINK you collected either hearts or diamonds? (or something very similar), either for generic points, or to *skill up*? (i cant remember any specific *skills* in it)... maybe you were transported to an alternate universe? (for the setting of the game), i cant remember any else appart from it took about a week to compleat it (at least 4 hours a day)? and it was a very emotional type story? (i dont know if it was level based either, but i think it had SOME kind of *stage* system, unless it was *loading screen* based

If any one please uses this forum, please help ( i know i will never play this again... unless it has been emulated for pc *windows 7*??? but it would be very nice to revisit an old memory) :D thank you

(It was NOT *Kingdom Hearts* or w/e the disney/rpg/platformer was called)

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