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Can someone please help me find a game my brother used to play when I was a kid  

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Okay I'm currently 20 and I've spent years trying to remember what game this was and some of the things I remember may be a bit off because it was probably around 10 years ago when I played it but here goes! All I Can remember about the game (PS1/PS2 not sure which, sorry) is I think they traveled on a floating ship because I remember that they crashed in it a desert at some point. I also remember it being an ensemble game kind of like final fantasy and one of the characters was a female who carried a gun/guns. My last memory is the only one I know is 100% true is there was blacksmith (I think dwarf) that would either repair or craft weapons for you but he would say "I'll be back in a jiffy" or something along those lines. Thank you so much, I know it's nothing to go off but thought I'd give it a shit anyway. I was so young when I watched my brother play it and that's all I can remember. I really appreciate any help ! 

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Tags: Can someone please help me find a game my brother used to play when I was a kid  

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