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very old DOS space game 

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I remember a very old DOS game where you play a ruler in far into the future. you need to travel by ship from planet to planet to gather resources. you also need to research new technology. space battles are handled by an advisor. the best you could buy was nearly an android and you could see him manage the fight on a big screen where your ships and the enemy ships are all represented by dots and you'd see them swarming around.
after a space battle there could be a ground battle where you control some tanks. it's very simplistic with both sides rolling towards the other.

the game was extremely linear and playing the game mostly consisted of dying over and over and over untill you found the absolute optimal way to play. the game is quasi real time (not turned based) and I think you can speed up the time too if you're waiting for something.

going to another planet for resources in your ship also cost a lot of time, and choosing where to go was pretty vital to your survival.

the trick to the very first land battle (where your tanks are always inferior; outranged and outgunned) the trick was to stagger your troops so that the enemy tanks would roll up to 1 of your tanks but be suddenly in range of 2 of your tanks. (AI was non existant).

there were also set events like finding a ship floating in space. what you decided to do generally meant defeat or living for a little while longer.

I played it a lot like 15 years ago but for the life of me I've no idea what it was called. any help is appreciated!

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