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pre 2000 (maybe) adventure-rpg game 

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I played this game on PC as a 7yo . The general theme was dark green night forest gritty.
(that was the starting zone I think)
I think you got to choose at the start of the game from 4 characters (or classes?). One of them looked primitive . reminds me of Saurug from Heroes 3 (Stronghold hero)
If I remember right they each spoke about themselves. Voice acting was very loud and raw.
I think you encountered one enemy at the start (i remember always starting the game over and choosing the same guy ) and after defeating him your character would say "You ruined my boots". He was maybe a bard-like cool character.
All this in an isometric fixed-camera ( i think!!) perspective.
soon after, you would reach a shack (i doubt that the game was 3d) where you had to interact with something. ( I think an oil lamp, you had to set something on fire). Options were limited and i was 7 so I couldn't get past this part. BUT I am sure of this : when you clicked the wrong objects to combine or interact or what was needed the character had these 2 lines:
" I don't think soo!"
"Tthere'se gotta be a better way to do this"

Thank you.


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