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Okey, it might be a mod but i'm not sure. Lets see what i can remember...So it is an RTS game in medieval times. Not Stronghold, not Warcraft and not Majesty but it did have Warcraft aspects of training individual troops and upgrading stuff. I remember that the main menu was some kind of a grass field with a camera going pass a gravel road heading to the small castle. While in game, i remember only 1 map where you have your castle starting zone in the bottom right while there is some kind of sea somewhere left where you have to go(i know this is the Rat King mission in Majesty 2, but the graphics i remember were drasticly older). I remember also one building that you can create in order to recruit a horseman troop. It was a squary-wood-4-corner-tower building with a gate on 1 side and in the middle is the barrack. I remember that it was kinda full of gore and limb/blood all over the fights. The troops were quite big despite the size of the buildings. There was no magic as i can remember and the troops often reminded me of Warcraft 3 human peons but they were in this game a little bit more buffed up. Graphics wise, as i said, it was kinda old. I can't remember the UI. And i think that the game was probably made with Multiplayer in mind as i can recall multiple colours fighting on the fields. Date...uhhh, my friend gave it to me on a CD and i kinda lost the CD so...that was somewhere around 2011 or 2010 but that's the time i first found out about the game. Any thoughts? Help out please!  

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