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Please Help!! Shooting multiplayer game with very gamemodes?? 

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I know there must be a lot of games like this, but I used to play a shooting game online. It normally had 2 teams, one red and one blue. It had some wierd maps, one of them was something build with toys and blocks, I remember one having a fountain, there was one that was an abandoned castel and there was one that was called Shangai, I think, that was all build with wood and stuff. It had a lot of game modes, one of them was zombie, where you had to kill the zombie team and if you were killed, you would pass to the zombie team. There where four types of zombies, I think, and each had a special power. One was huge and really strong, there was another that was a girl, there was a guy that tossed bombs and another that was really fast. There was another game mode that didn't required internet, where you could practice. There was also a pirate mode, I think.
I think that each player could evolve in levels, but I'm not sure. There was a shop where you could buy weapons and skins and stuff. I can't remenber anything else, I hope someone remembers!!
Thank you :)

Asked in PC - 157 days ago

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