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Colorfoul tiles with vehicles making a crossword 

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I once had a game I really loved but no idea how to find it.
1. I think it was on a CD with some other games
2. It had to be around 1999-2003 when I played it
3. It was a kind of a puzzle crossword (yes!) type
4. There were tiles of different colours with various vehicles on it
5. The goal was distributing those tiles in rows and columns and, as far as I remember, getting as much points by placing tiles of same colour or same vehicle next to each other.
6. You ended up with sort of a crossword made of those tiles
7. There was awesome background music - a simple piano theme. I recently listened to John Zorn's "The Gift" - there is a piece called "Bridge To The Beyond" that has a very resembling theme (where the music gets less spooky).
8. I think the game's language was English.
I'd be so happy if someone could help!

Asked in PC - 369 days ago

Tags: Colorfoul tiles with vehicles making a crossword 

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