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Black and white indie games about tribes? 

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Black and white (maybe monochrome?) online puzzle game. You're exploring an area abandoned by 4(?) tribes. Every day, your wife writes you a letter. You're given a bird's eye view of your character who, if I remember correctly, appears as just a little square. It's one of those games where you can only see objects that fall within the circle around you where your lamp/whatever light reaches. I remember there being fireflies. I solved a puzzle where you turn 4 lighthouse-like towers until they're in a specific configuration. A lot of the game was finding things on the ground, and your character tells you which tribe left it behind, and a little bit about the tribe itself. I found it on a list of other indie games like "I fell in love with the majesty of color", "gray", "covetous", etc. I don't remember the website that had the list. 

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