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Arcade endless runner-esque driving game 

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Greetings lads!
I'm looking for a PC game from somewhere around mid-00's, which revolves around driving on an endless bridge with a super-duper fast car. As You progress, You encounter more and more obstacles, such as rainfalls, snowfalls and ice on the road. The furthest I've ever gotten in this game is where meteorites start falling from the sky. Aside from the aforementioned obstacles, if my memory serves me well, the bridge starts falling apart pretty early on.
Your objective is basically staying alive for as long as you possibly can.
The game is in 3D, but You keep driving a straight line (the only movement you can really make is dodging the obstacles).
The game has one of these three words in its title: apocalypse, armageddon, storm. If i remember correctly, the title consists of two words.
It's not a very well-known game. It may have been an addon to a magazine.
I can't recall any other characteristics, but i hope it's enough.
Huge thanks in advance!

Asked in PC - 372 days ago

Tags: Arcade endless runner-esque driving game 

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