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An old PC game about a blue (police?) robot? 

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Hello, I'm looking for an old PC game, probably from the late 90's or very early in the 2000's in which you operated a blue, 2-legged blue robot I believe and had to complete certain objectives per map to complete a mission and advance.

You also had a kind of arena mode in which you had to battle it against a red NPC plane/jet and had to conquer it's base or destroy it I think. You could spawn more lesser robots such as little battleships that were blue colored like you and advanced through the map against an army of red of the same kind, I remember that once in a while you could spawn a more powerful ship to advance and fight with you; It was a very futuristic design though (for what the graphic engine could do at the time at least). There were also turrets, civilians and (I think) flying enemies in the game.

I remember the graphics were maybe isometric or something along those lines.

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