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An old DOS (maybe genesis) RPG sidescroller 

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Hi, this was an old game with 2D 16bit-ish looking graphics. The protagonist was a little girl working in a mining village, with the world being usurped by machines (it was a fantasy setting though). In the beginning of the game you were summoned to the village overseer and you ended up discovering your powers and killing him in the heat of the moment (or something along those lines). You then went on to explore the open-type world - there were mine, jungle and mountain levels (among others). The characters looked kiddie-like (big heads, small bodies), but the game dealt with very mature issues - slavery, murder, oppression etc.. You collected various powerups that increased your health, modified/improved your attack or gave you new abilities (I can remember double jump, wall jump and breathing underwater). I played it in either DOS or from an emulator (most likely a genesis one). Oh yeah and it was hard as all hell!
Thats about all I'm ever gonna remember about this game, but it still haunts me and I CRAVE IT!
Thanks a lot :)

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Tags: An old DOS (maybe genesis) RPG sidescroller 

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