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Basketball Game for N64 that was hilarious; the players had like animals for their heads 

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I don't remember much about the game, but I think what you could do was make your character as tall or short as you wanted, his head could be an animal's head (this sounds fake, I know; but I was like five or so when I was playing it so I have no memory of it at all) you could adjust your stats so you could be really good at this skill, though it would drain your stats for another. It wasn't 3D, though; it was like really detailed sprites I think. I remember it just being the most funniest thing I had ever seen because you could make the basketball player's head an animal. Though honestly, I think that may have been the only option you could make their head. Maybe it was like animals using real basketball player's bodies to play basketball. I think it wasn't 3D though, rather it was a very detailed sprited game. I remember it being kinda fast paced too. Though I cannot picture what the game looked like in my head. To make it clear:

1. The Basketball players had animals for their heads
2. The stats were adjustable
3. A very detailed sprited game, though some aspects may possibly be in 3D I'm not sure

I strongly remember it being for the N64 though; so that might help narrow the search down as I heard there weren't very many basketball games for that console. I hope you guys can find this one too.

Asked in Nintendo 64 - 1912 days ago

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