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trying to find an old RPG turn based style game, please help!  

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Okay, so i can't remember what console, but it's likely Playstation 2 or the Sega, since those are the only old consoles i played on.
Alli remember is that the game is an old style RPG, y'know walking, talking to people, going from town to town.
The game starts, i think with you (i think you're a prince) escaping the castle for some reason, and taking off with someone (maybe an old wizard; not sure on this) because there's an attack and someone wants you dead.
You end up hiding out in this tall, white tower style castle in the middle of the ocean. And it's huge, has rooms for everything from kitchens to a bar/entertainment room, and outside has space for a farm, docks, etc.
You have to go from place to place recruiting people, either for your army or to work at this castle, while trying to (I'm not sure on this either) save or kill the evil person trying to find you.

Alli remember is the castle, tall, white in the middle of sea. The farm is at the bottom near the docks. And i do remember going to one town and trying to recruit this punch n judy type lady to entertain the people at your hideout.

I think maybe you have pale blue hair, really pale, ice blue. Maybe orange clothing. Please help, it was a great game, trying to find the old games i used to play on, so my daughter can. Already found a load of old ps2 games and she loves them.

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