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Windows Phone Retro Dungeon (Nokia Lumia) 

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Overhead view, one floor at a time, character automatically walks, you swipe to

move up or down toward Stairway/Shop/Treasure. The only obstacles are sparse

pillars. Later, some stairs require keys. Defeat enemies with an Heroic Sword,

Magical Bow, Fire Staff and others. Treasures may contain a Clump of Dirt or Speed

Boots. Several quests include killing every type of enemy, make it to the ## floor

etc. You meet people in the dungeon, either just to BS with or help them return

back to the top. When you accept to help someone, "Freshly made" is voiced (not

digitized). Features very base 8-bit chip tunes music and pixel graphics. Downloaded

about a year ago, had to factory reset phone, cannot find. It's not any of the

popular pixel dungeon games. Help!

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Tags: Windows Phone Retro Dungeon (Nokia Lumia) 

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