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PC game, build + program robots for fighting and capture the flag 

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These were miniature robots, that you would build out of different parts -- they had different kinds of propulsion you could use (treads, wheels, hover), and different weapons (a laser, some sort of mini-missile?) that could be set to respond to triggers like a radar or a bumper. I remember you would link together these different modules on a kind of abstract diagram of your robot. There were large, medium, and small chassis -- large could hold more modules, but was more difficult to move.

If you had the waypoint-detecting module, you could program your robot to navigate using waypoints that were built into the various battlefields.

I seem to remember this game was set on the moon? I have vague memories that some of the "battlefields" were in what appeared to be large dormitory rooms, or outside on the moon surface at some sort of base.

I remember so much of this game, but it was so long ago, it's really frustrating that I can't find it anywhere.

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