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Old Turn Based Strategy game similar to final fantasy tactics 

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I remember playing it on a sega dreamcast, the problem was it was a burnt disk or cracked disk so there were about 50games on the disk. Now I don't know if they were even older games similar to getting an emulator today, but I'm hoping it was a genuine dreamcast game. Here's everything I can remember about it. You start the game as a male protagonist. I remember he had reddish brown hair. Your father possibly died at the beginning of the game, my memory is foggy on that part. Some sort of cataclysm happened and you were obviously thrown into the fray. I remember the starting party you had, had a woman with a red shirt and staff. She was a caster. You also got a monk almost right away. He was bald and was wearing a bandana around his head and also a huge backpack. He was a healer. The big key feature of this game was the party system and leveling up. As you adventure you can recruit different people. Now your party could only have about 4-6 people in it so the other 20-30 people you met on your adventures would go to a tavern type area and "rest" there until you went and swapped party members. I remember the tavern being huge even having multiple areas. You could have guys with wings and different races. Now when you level up each guy has a class and it can be upgraded. Example I could at level 20 upgrade my warrior to a knight. The level 20 warrior with amazing stats would restart level 1 but now be classified as a knight, who would have even better stats at level 20. You could do that with each and every class/race including your hero. I believe my hero would get upgraded to a Dragon Knight, but I could be wrong about that. Anyways that's all I can really remember about that game, I really hope one of you out here played this amazing game and remembers it well! I spent my entire summer in the 5th grade playing this game! 

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